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Netbeans and Mountain Lion

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Netbeans 7.1.1 isn´t working anymore after the Mac OSX Update to Mountain Lion. To solve this problem you have to re-install Netbeans (>Version 7.2).

To re-install Netbeans you have to install Java first. “Wait, Java? Why?” might you think, the answer is pretty simple, you lost your Java installation with the OSX update. To install Java you can search for “Java” in the spotlight and activate the “java-propertys”. Now Osx know that Java is missing and it starts the installation of Java.

Now we have to face the new “Safe-Guard”. To deactivate and allow 3rd-Party developers to install their software on your Mac you have to go to: System -> Security

Here can you turn of the “Safe-Guard” for the Netbeans installation.

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